2017 Zone Champs at Datchet

Sam pleased as punch with his results :)

Well what a beautiful weekend with both the sun and the wind in harmony to provide a great backdrop for some great racing and giving the kids the opportunity to build on the success of Papercourt where Jamie and Freddie did a great job in some difficult light conditions to claim the 1st and 2nd slots respectively and Charlie learning the hard lesson that he should always read the course notes and as a result lost the third place having missed the finish line! With Goldilocks conditions (not too hot / too cold and not too windy / too light :)) at Datchet it was a great opportunity for the kids to learn some valuable lessons - the first being to spot that the wind pressure was always on the left hand side of the course and it wasn't fast to go right! Jamie made his intentions known in the first race by leading convincingly from start to finish and his brother not to be out done repeated the feat in the second. It was fantastic to see Sam right up in the results with a convincing 4th. With the wind freshening a little for day two Sam was on fire and was lovely to see him with a beaming smile trading tacks with the leading boats - lucky for him though that the camera wasn't on him as he was nattering down one of the runs and when a gust hit him he missed the toe straps and fell straight overboard! Ollie also shone through in the last race as he finally understood what his coach was saying about pointing higher on the beats and instantly gained 10 places. Going into the final race there was everything to play for with the front three boats (Charlie, Jamie and Derin) all in a strong position to win the event. As for all the races it was a case of getting a good start and getting out to the left - with Derin getting bogged down and heading right this gave Jamie and Charlie the chance to go clear and rounded the first mark convincingly in 1st and 2nd ahead of the pack. However, thankful of the extra lap the race officer added, Derin was cutting up through the field at each mark and finally overhauled Charlie going down the final run. With these positions Jamie was sitting in the overall title spot - however with a burst of speed Charlie managed to claim the overlap on the penultimate mark to gain 2nd place back which he was able to hold to the finish and claim the overall title with Jamie second and Derin third and Sam also finishing in the top 10 giving the Barbarians a back to back double - certainly some nail biting racing and great experience going into the end of seasons!

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