Joining our Youth Team

BBSC Youth sailing

All those who wish to sail with us need to join and contribute to the cost of running our sessions.

The facilities we provide include some hire boats, trailers, and safety/coaching boats. We need to recover these expenses and record key details of our sailors.

If you which to be a part of BBSC you can join by clicking:

BBSC Memebrship

Bewl Water

In order to sail or keep your boat at Bewl Water you need to pay a subscription to the operators.

Currently they are offering pro-rata’d membership to April and so reduced fees will apply. Print the PDF below and take with you when you come to Bewl next. You can hand it in and pay at the fishing shop.

Bewl Sailing Association

We all need to be part of the Bewl Sailing Association. This gives us access to extra facilities include their canteen, safety boats and more.

The cost is just £20 per year and it is a vital link in our organisation.

Please follow the link to join this and complete our requirements.

BSA Membership

Hi and thanks for looking at our membership page.

 To sign up we have three steps

1.) Join BBSC youth sailing club for just £20 per month This pays the costs of our infrastucture for home and away events.

2.) Then if you are going to sail and keep your boat at Bewl you need to join Bewl Water, this give access to the water changing rooms and so much more. It must be paid directly to Bewl Water.

3.) Finally we need you to sign up to Bewl Sailing Association as this gives us access to their canteen, support boats and a say in things at Bewl for just £20 per year.